about-bishop2His God-given mission is to empower and enrich the lives of others by going into the world and teaching the Word of God, line-by-line, and precept-by-precept.

 A native of Jacksonville, Florida reared by his great-grandparents, Dr. Ellis accepted Jesus Christ at an early age.  However, he came to know the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the true life-changing power of the Word of God when he joined Philippian Community Church (PCC) of Jacksonville, Florida in 1983, under the leadership of the late Bishop Lawrence C. Callahan.  Under Bishop Callahan's watchful eye, he grew in Christ as he feasted on the Word he received while faithfully attending multiple weekly services.  Always eager to share what he's learned, he became active in Children's Ministry, taught Adult Sunday School, participated in the Sick and Shut-In Ministry, and served on the Usher Board.  But, the ministry that was closest to Dr. Ellis' heart while serving at PCC of Jacksonville was the Prison Ministry where he served for 13 years, teaching redemption and victory through Jesus to countless inmates.  

 In 1999 the LORD told Minister Ellis that the time had come for him to leave the comfort of his Jacksonville, Florida existence because there was much work to be done in Raleigh, North Carolina.  At first reluctant to hearken unto the voice of the LORD because he knew nothing about Raleigh; he sought godly counsel from Bishop Callahan, who provided confirmation and gave his blessing.   Making the difficult decision to leave his family behind to follow Jesus, he took the leap of faith and drove to Raleigh alone.  Upon arrival, Philippian Community Church of NC was birthed, and held its first worship service at Chavis Heights Community Center where Pastor Ellis preached to several empty chairs, for there were no attendees.  Choosing to stand on the Word God had given him, he pressed on and continued to preach week after week until eventually the chairs began to be filled, and as souls were saved word spread about the ministry.  His family soon joined him in Raleigh, where the LORD has rewarded him greatly for his obedience and faithfulness.  Over the years as the ministry grew, the church moved from the community center to a nearby store-front location, then to its current edifice constructed in 2008 on 8 acres of land.  A community-minded ministry, PCC of NC offers after-school tutoring for grades K-12, computer training, a food and clothing bank, and provides missions to Africa.  Dr. Ellis has ordained several ministers, and is Overseer of several sister churches birthed out of PCC of NC.  Currently, PCC of NC's worship services can be seen via 2 weekly television broadcasts; and all worship services are streamed live via internet on the church's website, www.pccofnc.org.   

A former manager in the financial services industry, Dr. Ellis attended Florida Community College, Southern Illinois University, and Philippian Institute of Biblical Studies.  He received a Masters degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Theology from North Carolina College of Theology.  A much sought-after speaker and author of several books; he is well-known and respected for his no holds barred approach to delivering the Word of God.  He teaches that holiness is not an option, but a requirement, and his messages transcend culture, race, and denomination.  His counsel on marital transformation the godly way has been instrumental in the restoration of many marriages that were formerly on the brink of divorce.  Dr. Ellis and his wife, Lady Beverly J. Ellis, have been married for more than 25 years and are the parents of three children, Timothy, Erica, and Victoria.