Men’s Ministry:
Aimed at uniting the men of the ministry both spiritually and socially. By fellowshipping in the Lord, the men of the ministry can realize their full potential.

Women’s Ministry:
The Womens Ministry of Philippian Community Church of North Carolina is grounded in and directed by God in Prayer, Unity, Respect, Persistence, Obedience, Spirit and Encouragement in our desire to serve God and the needs of women. Our vision and mission is the same as the Church. Our desire and passion is to teach, prepare and encourage women to seek and accomplish the will of God for their lives.

Ministers Training:
Aimed at equipping the men and women of God who are called to the office of minister to go out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Witnessing Team:
Winning souls for Jesus Christ requires training and the witnessing team provides just that.  By going in the hedges and highways with fellow believers, we will win the lost at any cost.

Dance Ministry:
Teaches youth and young adults how to use the art of dance as a form of worship and praise.

Finance Ministry:
Assists you in being a good steward over your finances according to God’s Word.

Computer Training/Technology Ministry:
Aimed at providing up-to-date familiarisation and training in the use of computers and other computer-related technologies.  The community will benefit from a membership of technology-literate people.

Young Adult Ministry:
Called Y.A.M. for short, this collection of young people, ages 18 to 30, pursue the Word with vigor and fresh ideas.  By providing a place for young people to not only hang out and have fun, but learn more about Jesus and how His teachings can be applied to everyday life, the Y.A.M.s are taking radical steps to win more souls for Christ.

Youth Ministry
Children ages 3 to 17 are encouraged to learn more about Jesus and taught how to live holy at a young age. These foundational teachings are essential to leading a healthy, Christ-centered life once they have matured into young adults.

Worship & Arts Ministry
Our mission is to enrich the service, through praise, worship, and dance. We are there to assist the worshippers in centering their thoughts upon God. The Worship & Arts Ministry is an internal part of the worship experience at NROCC